haber Anlamı, Karşılığı

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Türkçe - İngilizce

  • haber
    1. news, information, message, word. 2. knowledge. 3. formerly, gram. predicate. -- ajansı news agency. -- alma mil. intelligence. -- almak 1. /ı/ to hear, learn, get word of. 2. /dan/ to hear from. -- atlamak to miss a news scoop; to fail to print an item. -- atlatmak to scoop the news, get a scoop on the news. -- bülteni news bulletin, news report; newscast. -- çıkmamak /dan/ not to hear anything (from, about). -- filmi newsreel. -- geçmek to send out a news report or communiqué (by fax, telephone, etc.). -- göndermek /a/ to send a message (to). -- güvercini carrier pigeon, homing pigeon. -- kaynağı news source, source. -- kipi gram. indicative mood. -- merkezi 1. mil. command post. 2. news bureau, news center, news desk. 3. information bureau. --i olmak /dan/ to be informed of, know about. --in olsun! colloq. You should know!/You should be informed! -- salmak/yollamak /a/ colloq. to send a message or news to. -- sızdırmamak not to let any information leak out. -- sütunu news column. -- toplamak to gather news. -- uçurmak /a/ 1. to send a message to (someone) secretly. 2. to send an urgent message to. --im var. I know about it. ... -- ver! /dan/ colloq. Give me the lowdown on ...!/Give me the news about ...! -- vermek 1. /a/ to tell, let (someone) know, inform. 2. /ı/ to indicate that ..., show that ..., be a sign that .... -- yetiştirmek /a/ to get the news or a message to (a place) on time. --im yok. colloq. I know nothing about it./I haven´t heard it.